Weakley County Baptist Association
Sunday, July 21, 2024
A Family of Churches

Our History

 On October 28, 1887 a portion of the Western District Association met in convention for the purpose of organizing a new Association. Rev. W. C. Gilbert preached the introductory sermon from Exodus 14:15. The credentials committee, made up of J. H. Davis and J. B, Argo, reported 20 churches as making up the new association. They were: Palmersville, Tumbling Creek, Obion, Walnut Grove, New Hope, West Union, Pleasant Hill, Bible Union, Ralston, New Prospect, Mt. Pleasant, Pleasant View, Gospel Hill, Gleason, Russell Springs, Poplar Springs, Republican Grove, Concord, Enon, and Beech Springs.

The minutes of the first associational meeting state that the missionary efforts were to be ministered by a three-man executive board. Later, individuals were appointed and called “colporteurs.” Their job was to furnish religious and spiritual materials to churches and to encourage new church starts. As the new association grew and developed the need arose to have someone to direct and coordinate the overall missionary efforts of the cooperating churches. There have been 12 men to serve in that role since 1941. They have been given different titles over the years such as, “County Missionary,” “Superintendent of Missions,” and the present title, “Director of Missions.” The men serving in this role and the years of service are: J. G. Cooper, 1941-1942; R. J. Cooper, 1942-1945; A. B. Adams, 1946-1948; Russell Rogers, 1949-1950; William L. Knight, 1951-1952; A. B. Adams, 1953-1956; Robert L. Armour, 1957-1961; Melvin Howell, 1962-1964; Robert L. Newman, 1964-1976; James E. Humphreys, 1976-1980; Hershell Lindsey, 1980-1981; Richard L. Skidmore, 1982-1998; W. Wayne Perkins, 1999 - 2014; Phillip D. Mitchell, 2014 to the present.

Today, the Association consists of 43 churches cooperating in a strong fellowship dedicated to reaching Weakley County and the world for Christ. We believe the Bible is our source of authority concerning spiritual things and are committed to the Word of God as His final revelation to mankind. We emphasize the Cooperative Program as the vehicle through which God channels our financial gifts to our state, nation, and world. We are also in agreement with the Baptist Faith and Message as amended at the 2000 Southern Baptist Convention.