Weakley County Baptist Association
Sunday, April 14, 2024
A Family of Churches

Bethel Baptist Church

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Bethel Baptist Church
1546 Hwy 54
Greenfield, TN  38230
(731) 235-2582
     Bethel Baptist Church was organized May 1, 1847 by Rev. David Fleming and his wife Caroline.  Bro. Fleming and his wife, along with several others, moved their letter from the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church at Martin, Tennessee. This young church met for a few years in various places in the community.  In 1856, a committee was formed to find a site on which to build a permanent meeting house.  Hugh McKelvy donated two acres of land at the present site and deeded it to Bethel Baptist Church to be used as a meetinghouse forever.  A building was erected in 1857 on the present site and it remained until 1897 when it was torn down and a white frame building was built.  That building continued to be used until 1947 when a new brick building was constructed and continues to this day with additions in 1968, 1973, and 1987. Bethel Baptist Church joined the Western District Association in 1848 and remained there until 1891 when they withdrew and joined the Weakley County Baptist Association, which had been formed in 1887.  Preaching was held on the first Sunday of each month until 1948 when it went to “half-time” and then in 1951 to “full time.”  Rev. Willie Chadwick organized the first Sunday School in 1919, Discipleship Training was organized in 1950 and the WMU came into being in 1959.  All these organizations remain strong to this day