Weakley County Baptist Association
Sunday, April 14, 2024
A Family of Churches

Missions Team

Team Leaders: Tommy & Karen Wilson
The purpose of the Missions Team is to assist the churches and encourage cooperation through mission action within the association and beyond. Team members will assist churches in areas such as local mission strategy, new church starts, mission funding, mission trips, mission education, and mission projects. The Missions Team will support: missions development, pioneer mission work, church planting, local missions outreach and the Great Commission within the Association.
How can you be involved?
The Missions team is organized into three teams:
Local Missions Team
Team Leader:
Works within the association to conduct local Vacation Bible Schools, Nursing Home projects, explore chaplaincy program and evaluate local needs.
North American Missions Team
Team Leader:
Coordinate the ongoing work in Cincinnati OH; investigate the possibilities of projects in other areas of North America and different trip formats such as family missions and working with other associations on missions.
International Missions Team
Team Leader:
Coordinate the ongoing work in Honduras, exploring partnerships and projects around the world.