Weakley County Baptist Association
Wednesday, June 19, 2024
A Family of Churches

Associational Leadership Teams

     What a great time to be part of the Weakley County Baptist Association! The association voted at the annual meeting in 2010 to try a novel reorganization, on a trial basis, to make an effort to get more people and churches involved in accepting the call of the Great Commission...to take the Gospel message to every person in Weakley County and to all areas God places within the sphere of our influence. The new organization is a team-based organizational concept that should bring more interested and enthusiastic people into involvement within the association, while at the same time streamlining the core leadership.
     Please pray for the WCBA, the ALT, and for our Director of Missions. Then pray that God will lead you to be a part of a team that will work toward enabling and empowering churches and individuals to more effectively spread the Gospel.
     Finally, help us find people who are interested in serving the Lord through the association. As you are aware of the teams being formed, please give us the names of people from your church who are particularly suited to serve- by talent or interest - on these specific teams.
Associational Leadership Team Leader