Weakley County Baptist Association
Wednesday, June 19, 2024
A Family of Churches

Ministry Team

Team Leader: Billy Ross
The Ministry Team supports the special ministries of the Association. The Ministry Team will encourage the creation of additional teams to assist the Churches of the Association when necessary or needed.
How can you be involved?
The Ministry Team supports ministries in the areas of:
Counseling Ministry Team
Works with the associational counselor to provide counseling support for pastors and churches in the association. Currently no counselor on staff at WCBA.
Disaster Relief Team
Team Leader: Tommy Wilson
A specially trained team working to provide Disaster Relief where needed after natural disasters or similar events.
Jail Ministry Team
Team Leader: Dean Austin (Men) Rita Snider (Women)
Ministers to local inmates sharing Christ and providing support to find new meaning in life.
Baptist Collegiate Ministry Team
Works with the Baptist Collegiate Ministry to minister to the local college-age population during the college years.
Nursing Home Ministry
Team Leader: Larry Parker
Minsters in local nursing homes to share Christ and provide resources to the residents.