Weakley County Baptist Association
Sunday, April 14, 2024
A Family of Churches

Evangelism Team

Team Leader: Carey Sanders
The purpose of the Evangelism Team is to assist the churches and encourage cooperation in reaching people for Christ and accomplishing the Great Commission.  The Evangelism Team shall assists the churches in evangelism training, revival preparation, youth evangelism events and special projects, evangelism strategy, and joint evangelistic projects.
How can you be involved?
The Evangelism Team supports and oversees:
Vacation Bible School Team
Team Leader: Tiffany Harrison
Using specialized training and experience, the VBS team conducts a clinic each April to prepare associational churches for the upcoming VBS and also provides support throughout the year for churches needing VBS training, workers or resources.
Sunday School Team
Team Leader: Garry Phillips
Trains pastors, teachers and directors to use Sunday School as the most effective evangelism tool in the church. The team also provides resources, training and support as needed throughout the church year.
Discipleship Training Team
Team Leader: Kerry Shopher
Provides resources and training for building discipleship training programs in associational churches.